You can find what you are looking for below through some common questions that might boggle you.

Is my data safe?2020-10-16T11:37:36+05:30

Your data from your “Smart Center” account is totally safe as it is not assessed by anyone but you. We ensure the safety of your data by providing you with firewall integration, and daily automatic backup. We also provide you with on-demand back-up downloading. Your data is securely stored and information is transferred via SSL encryption and can only be viewed using the encrypted link for each account. Our privacy policy also ensures that your data is protected and is not sold to any third party.

How will I be able to manage my leads using Smart Center?2021-01-08T10:47:56+05:30
You can manage your leads easily by filling in the potential lead details in Lead Management. Set up follow-up reminders, assign leads to employees, and also write comments in order to track down the conversation with them.
What does Server option mean?2020-10-16T11:38:09+05:30

It means that you can run your Smart Center on your own server. In this case, your data will also be saved on your own server but we won’t be able to guarantee any security protection for your data.

Are there any hidden costs or extra charges for the Smart Center?2021-01-08T10:49:54+05:30

No. There are no hidden costs or extra charges to be paid. You only have to pay the yearly subscription fee for the plan you have chosen. Also, the installation of the Smart Center is free. Add-on (SMS) charges are applicable.

Will Smart Center software integrate with my own website?2021-07-30T11:35:32+05:30

Yes, you can run the Smart Center on your own website’s URL. This feature will help you to create your own brand identity and give you a sense of being in your control.

Can I change plans at any time?2021-07-13T13:42:16+05:30
You can upgrade/downgrade from one plan to another anytime after subscribing to a particular plan.
What about your customer support?2021-07-13T13:57:54+05:30

We provide one of the best customer support services to ensure customer satisfaction. You can reach us through the following social mediums:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Live Chat
What does unlimited mean?2020-10-16T11:38:39+05:30

It means that you get 50,000 repair tickets, inventory items, invoices per year. If you wish to extend this limit, you can contact us regarding the same at support@bytephase.com

What hardware do I need?2020-10-16T11:38:45+05:30

No external hardware is needed, however, to ease your operations and enhance your Smart Center experience, we support signature pads, printers, and webcam.